Teresa Guillen Zulueta

Specialist in Internationalization and Gender.


University of Deusto (1,987 – 1,991)
Law degree
University School of Business Studies. Bilbao (1,991 – 1,992)
Master of Foreign Trade (MACEX)
Faculty of Economics and Business. Bilbao (1,993)
Advanced Course in Export Management and International Marketing
European Business School. Bilbao (1,994)
Advanced Marketing and Strategic Planning Course
Technological and Business Institute. Bilbao (1,997 – 1,998)
Management Program in Integral Logistics
University of Deusto (1,987 – 1,991)
Law degree

Languages: Spanish, English and French

Specialist in internationalization and gender.
• Expert in international commercialization of agrifood goods, consumption, industrial and services.
• Extensive practical experience in international commercial intelligence systems and tools and international commercial promotion, both from an institutional point of view and specific assistance to SMEs.
• Ability to communicate effectively towards different types of interlocutors: businessmen and institutional officials.

Professional experience:

June 2016 – Present

Company that arises as a result of the difficulties with which women are in the performance of our functions as export commercials and the lack of information on the subject of “gender and foreign trade”.
Try to offer tools to help women to identify and circumvent stones along the way, whether they are technical (trade barriers) or intercultural when it comes to achieving the expected objectives.

October 2017-present

Face-to-face and online teacher
Face-to-face and online professor of ICEX-CECO (Executive Directorate of Training of ICEX Spain Export and Investment) of the Master’s Degree in International Management of the company / MBA International Management of the module in English on Sources of economic and commercial information. Commercial Research (I). I also participate as part of the Examining Court.

June 2016 – Present
S&B Partners Consultores, SL
Director of International Projects
Company specialized in the design and implementation of methodologies related to SMEs and internationalization; as well as virtual solutions related to international trade taking advantage of the resources offered by the Internet

2002-June 2016
Elpozo Alimentos, S.A.
Export Area Manager
Functions: for 14 years achieving the objectives of increasing sales volume over the previous year and opening new markets: Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Angola, Gabon, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore , Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam.
Executed areas: Africa, CIS countries and Russia, Eastern European Central countries, Baltic and Nordic countries, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

Ailimpo (Interprofessional Association of Lemon and Grapefruit)
International Trade Promoter
Training of the Department of Foreign Trade. Preparation of the Export Guide to Third Countries. Resolution of queries related to foreign trade. Creation of a database of foreign buyers

Integra 2, S.A.
Business Development Manager Bilbao Delegation
Creation of the International Department of the logistics platform for refrigerated storage and distribution in Spain. Achievement of an important portfolio of European clients

United Kingdom
Azcue, S.A.
Sole Representative in the United Kingdom
Market analysis and customer achievement. Establishment of the subsidiary of Muebles Azcue in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom
Basque government. Spanish Commercial Office
International Trade Promoter
Preparation and Coordination of Commercial Missions. Technical Assistance to Spanish SMEs in International Fairs and in commercial visits to the United Kingdom. Study and monitoring of markets within the export orbit.


• Workshops under the Al – Invest 5.0 Program: 1. Competitive intelligence platforms 2. The importance of collaborative virtual networks for female empowerment. CAINCO. Chamber of Commerce of Cuba. Havana. 2019
• Management of different Focus groups organized by the FER within the framework of the Internationalization Strategy of La Rioja: Inclusive businesses. External Action and CONGDCAR. The Rioja. 2019
• IN-FEDA program. Impact conferences: International negotiation, countries and gender. Albacete 2019
• Virtual advisor of International Trade in the Virtual International Trade Advisory Board of the Canadian organization GroYourBiz, launched together with OWIT (Organization of Women in International Trade) aimed at women entrepreneurs. On-line. 2018- Present
• Conference “Gender equality applied to international trade in the agri-food sector” Cooperativa Agro-alimentary Castilla-La Mancha, with the collaboration of the Obra Social Foundation ‘La Caixa’. 2019
• Participation in the act “WOMEN AND INTERNATIONAL TRADE, AN INDISPENSABLE INTEGRATION TO INCREASE COMPETITIVENESS”, at the headquarters of the European Commission in Madrid inaugurated by Minister Maroto Reyes. 2019
• Webinar Agrifood Platform for companies in Castilla-La Mancha. IPEX 2018
• Organization and development of Internships in the Program of Exchange of Experts of Cuba – EU in the subjects of formation: 1. Institutional strengthening. 2019 2. Export of services: Spain and Ireland. 2018; 3. Online training in international trade: Spain and Germany 2018.4. International Competitive Bidding. Technical and interpretation support in workshops held in Holland, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. 2017
• International Marketing and Sales – CETEM Furniture Technology Center. Murcia. 2018-2019
• Workshop on International Negotiation and Gender. ASTUREX. Asturias 2018
• LIFEM Women’s Leadership Forum organized by MAREVENTS in collaboration with IMIO (Institute for Women and For Equal Opportunities): “Women and Foreign Trade: International Negotiation” (Murcia 2018)
• International speaker at the Academy, Al-Invest 5.0, Theme: “THE EXPORT OF SERVICES FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A BUSINESS ORGANIZATION (CAINCO. Costa Rica 2018)
• Webinar of the Central American Trade Network: “” Women and foreign trade management “. SIECA 2018.
• Webinar Central American Women exports! of Network of Experts Program SICA Integration: “Women and foreign trade management”. CEDDET 2017
• Paper “Internationalize my company: Conditions, opportunities, resources and keys for internationalization in Forum organized by IMIO in collaboration with ICEX:” Women who start growing societies. “Madrid. 2017.
• Conferences: 1. Women and management in the field of Foreign Trade 2. Identification of business opportunities to export to Europe and 3. New Trends in the Online Training of entrepreneurs. EMI Military School of Engineering. Peace. Bolivia 2017
• Conference “Women and Export: International Negotiation” in CEDIAL-ALInvest 5.0 Forum “Women who Add.” Paraguay. 2017
Orienta2 Woman Program. Support for the internationalization of women’s SMEs. Institute of Development of Murcia. 2017
• Coordination and accompaniment of direct and reverse trade missions Cuba-Extremadura AVANTE. 2017
• Workshops “Business Opportunities in the European Market” and “International Commerce applied to the company” in the Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management (MBA). Polytechnic University of Cartagena UPCT. 2015, 2016 and 2017.
• Translation into English of the training material of the regional workshop “Specialized internationalization and tourism services for MSME Care Centers” in Central America. CENPROMYPE SICA. 2016.
• Online Workshop “Practical experience: Techniques for searching international information within an International Commerce Department in a company”. Online Courses of the Part-Time Export Managers Program (GTPs). IPEX Castilla La Mancha 2010, 2011, 2012. Barcelona Chamber 2010, SODERCAN 2011, 2013. ASTUREX 2011, 2013. IGAPE 2015. Ministry of Economy of El Salvador 2016.
• Face-to-face workshop “Practical experience: Techniques for searching international information within an International Commerce Department in a company”. C @ BI Program (International Information Search Cameras). Superior Council of Chambers. Training of Dept. Technicians. Foreign Trade of all Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Spain. Editions 2003 – 2004 – 2005 – 2006 – 2006-2007.
• Participation as a Guest Expert in the subject of Search and Analysis of International Information of the Online MBA and Superior Courses of Internationalization Strategy and Techniques of the Online Company in Spanish and in the Executive International MBA On Line (School of Industrial Organization) 2003

1. Export Guide to Third Countries. AILIMPO-INFO. Murcia (2001).
2. Practical Guide for Agrifood Distribution in Third Countries. IPEX Toledo (2007).
3. Practical Guide for the Localization and Resolution of Agrifood Trade Barriers in Third Countries. IPEX Toledo (2008).
4. Practical Guide for Agro-Food Distribution in Third Countries: Agro-Food Chips. INFO Murcia (2008).
5. Study of Food Distribution Channels in the EU. Hired as an EU Expert in the POS Project – EU Sector Operational Plan – MINCETUR in Peru (2008).
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7. Study on the Impact of the EU-Canada Agreement in the Region of Murcia ”. INFO Murcia (2017).
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10. Comparative Study of the Incorporation of Women into International Trade. IMIO (Women’s Institute and For Equal Opportunities). Madrid (2018).